Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are molded to fit your teeth then attach to the front of the tooth
with the goal of improving its appearance. They can also be made of resin or other composite materials.

Either way, the goal of a veneer is to change the size, color, and/or shape of your tooth.

Indications for veneers:

- Teeth that are discolored from root canals, fillings, or other procedures- Teeth with gaps between them- Irregularly shaped teeth- Chipped or broken teeth- Any other dental issue that results in a loss of self confidence


- Minimum grinding teeth- Natural dentition- Durability- Dental pulp does not suffer any change

Veneers typically last 7-15 years before they need to be replaced.
In order to apply the veneer, about one millimeter of enamel will need to be removed from your teeth.
This is far less than what’s removed for a filling or crown. The tooth will also be cleaned, polished, and
etched to allow the veneer adhesive to bond properly.


Lumineers provide all of the same benefits of porcelain veneers, but with one key difference: they don’t require any of your teeth to be modified. Because of this, the treatment can be applied faster, and should you change your mind, they are easy to remove. Lumineers are thin as contact lenses and give natural looking smile.